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Stop Your Car From Getting Stolen With Retractable Driveway Bollards

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Bollards are Becoming a Residential Must-Have

Every night in Canada, people go to bed with a worry: more and more cars are getting stolen. In Toronto, about 30 cars are taken every day. It’s a big problem that feels very close to home. But there’s good news! Putting special posts called bollards in front of your house can help keep your car safe. The Toronto Police Service says these bollards are a great idea. They’re not just for looks; they really work to stop thieves from taking your car.
X/Twitter post from Toronto Police Services 53 Division highlighting the use of bollards.

Police Say Yes to Bollards

When police officers like PC Timothy Somers from the Toronto Police talk about bollards on X (which used to be called Twitter), it means they really believe in them. They say bollards make thieves think twice before trying to steal a car because they’re hard to get past. It’s like having an extra strong fence just for your car.

Bollards Can Look Good

Putting bollards in doesn’t mean your house will look ugly. There are lots of cool designs that make your place look even better. Some bollards can even move up and down so you can hide them when you don’t need them. This way, your house stays looking nice while still keeping your car safe.

Everyone Working Together

Choosing to put bollards in front of your house is not just about keeping your own car safe. It’s about helping everyone in your neighborhood be safer. When lots of people use bollards, it makes it harder for thieves to steal cars from anyone. It shows that when we all work together, we can make our homes safer.

Taking Steps to Keep Safe

With more cars being stolen in Canada, it’s smart to think about ways to keep your car safe. Bollards are more than just about stopping car theft; they help keep your whole home safe. It’s important to think about ways to protect ourselves and our things, starting with what we can do right outside our homes.

To learn more about how bollards can keep your car safe, check out It’s a good place to start making sure your car and home are protected.