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MPM Polymer Guardrails and Safety Gates

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MPM? It’s the name of a dynamic, enterprising Italian company that designs and manufactures a remarkable range of flexible industrial safety barriers that make work environments safe wherever there are vehicles, goods, people—and the occasional rhinoceros. Ontario Bollards is proud to have obtained the exclusive distribution rights in Canada to patented MPM products!

MPM plastic guardrail functions

The product we are focused on today, MPM polymer guardrail, is designed to primarily protect walls against light- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts. It performs this function brilliantly and, being a product of Italy, does so with undeniable flair that enhances any warehouse or factory.

MPM guardrail has numerous qualities that make it such an exceptional product. But before we get into that, check out this video of forklifts in hand-to-hand combat with MPM polymer guardrail and steel guardrail.

You will likely agree that the most striking feature of the MPM industrial safety barrier that was impact tested in the video is its resistance to the forces exerted by the forklift and its flexibility in absorbing these forces and bouncing back to its original shape—as if nothing had happened. (Forklift drivers particularly like this feature!) The steel guardrail demonstrated neither of these qualities, which is why the forklift bent it out of shape and pummeled it to the floor, damaging the floor in the process. Having MPM polymer safety barriers in your warehouse or factory can protect your valuable infrastructure from damaging blows that can cost thousands to repair.

The wonders of REFLEX

What makes the MPM industrial safety barriers so resistant and flexible is the technopolymer of which it is made—REFLEX.

REFLEX is made from a unique compound developed in the MPM laboratory by a team of experts with thirty years of experience in the field of plastics. Thanks to its special molecular density, REFLEX distributes energy along the entire length of the protection that flexes and then returns to its original shape. The astonishing properties of the material allow it to absorb the energy of the impact, thus minimizing the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. Thanks to its technical specifications, REFLEX guarantees the protection of the floor, the materials and, above all, the safety of pedestrians and operators driving the vehicles.

Advantages of REFLEX over steel

MPM safety gates

Ontario Bollards also offers REFLEX safety gates—both lift and swing types—that flex upon impact and can be incorporated into MPM industrial safety barriers systems, proving full pedestrian protection for employees and visitors alike.

Installation of MPM guardrail and safety gates

Another great aspect of MPM guardrail and safety gates is that they are lightweight and modular, making installation quick and easy. Available in different lengths, they are readily customizable for your specific needs. (And did we mention that they look good—and continue to look good after years of service?) Ontario Bollards’ process is unique in that we can have our own team of professionals design and perform the installation turn key or you can elect to take care of the installation in house. Detailed preparation, execution, and control of every aspect of the project always results in the safest and most efficient protection in accordance with your specific needs. That is why we always recommend Ontario Bollards to perform the installation.


For more information about MPM safety barriers and safety gates and other superior MPM products, contact us today. To request a quote, submit via the online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Removable vs. Retractable Bollards

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Removable vs. Retractable Bollards

Bollards are sturdy vertical poles that act as a protective barrier against vehicles. They can protect opposing traffic patterns from accidents, buildings from out of control drivers, or pedestrians from automobile traffic. While some bollards are permanent, many applications require removable or retractable bollards for more versatility.

Which Solution Should You Choose?

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Which Solution Should You Choose

Removable bollards have a buried receiver underground that holds the barrier securely until it is no longer needed. They can restrict areas for pedestrians, then allow free access again when the bollard post is removed and stored for the day. Retractable bollards are a more convenient option for security access. They quickly rise to restrict vehicles until access is approved, then retract into their base to allow entry.

Although each is best suited for different applications, both removable and retractable bollards provide many advantages.

Removable Bollards

These heavy-duty posts are designed for temporary restricted entry. Removable bollards enhance safety in parking lots or anywhere that pedestrians are close to vehicle traffic. Built to last, they are heat and weather resistant, require little maintenance, and can be upgraded for additional safety and aesthetic features.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are a convenient medium to heavy-duty temporary barrier. They are an economical and flexible solution to reduce or redirect traffic to keep pedestrians safe. Retractable bollards also feature fast lift and lower operations, which is highly efficient in emergency situations.

Applications & Sites

Removable bollards are found in a variety of locations and applications, including:

  • Parking lots/structures. Removable bollards can deter car thieves, protect parked vehicles from traffic, or restrict parking to certain areas.
  • Retail storefronts/entrances. When parking is in front of buildings, crash rated bollards can protect against accidental acceleration or brake failure during store hours, with the option to remove them at other times.
  • Traffic flow control. Removable bollards are convenient to separate traffic flow, such as parking lots or access roads.
  • Car dealerships. Bollards can be easily removed for aesthetics and traffic flow during the day, then put out at night to prevent vehicle theft.
  • Loading areas. Removable bollards can quickly and securely section off areas for safe loading and unloading of trucks, buses, or trailers.
  • Schools use removable bollards to direct traffic during pickup and drop off, as well as to provide a safe area for children to walk.

Automatic retractable bollards are another alternative to safeguard pedestrians and buildings, such as:

  • Government and public buildings. Areas requiring high security for government officials, dignitaries, or even prisoners may use retractable bollards.
  • Hotels and high-profile buildings. High profile buildings will use retractable bollards for celebrity arrivals or during times of high traffic.
  • Busways use retractable bollards to deter traffic and create dedicated lanes.
  • Shopping centers. Retractable bollards give the flexibility to section off areas for package pickup during holidays or special events.
  • City squares and pedestrian malls. Attendees of festivals, concerts, and other special events can be conveniently protected by retractable bollards.
  • Dedicated pedestrian areas and parks. Adults and children can walk and play without looking for vehicles when retractable bollards are used in these areas.
  • Car parks. Retractable bollards provide easy ingress and egress, as well as security for the vehicles.
  • Business parks. Business parks can provide safe spaces for employees to walk between buildings.
  • University campuses. Campuses can safeguard students from careless drivers and section off event space when necessary.

Bollard Solutions from Ontario Bollards

Bollards offer a convenient and effective way to restrict access and protect people, vehicles, and buildings against impact. The difference between removable and retractable bollards comes down to cost, features, aesthetics, security level, and the time required to put them up or take them down.


At Ontario Bollards, we offer everything from anti-terrorism barriers to flexible polyurethane bollards and many varieties in between. To determine the right bollard for your application, contact us or request a quote today to speak to our experienced staff.