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Removable vs. Retractable Bollards

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Removable vs. Retractable Bollards Bollards are sturdy vertical poles that act as a protective barrier against vehicles. They can protect opposing traffic patterns from accidents, buildings from out of control drivers, or pedestrians from automobile traffic. While some bollards are permanent, many applications require removable or retractable bollards for more versatility. Which Solution Should You […]

A Guide to Site Protection With Bollards

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A Guide to Site Protection With Bollards Whether you need bollards because of building or fire codes, the design of the building, traffic patterns, or safety concerns, you want to ensure you are getting the right product for your site requirements. From crash rated bollards to traffic pattern indicators, bollard design is critical in providing […]

K-Rated Bollards vs. M-Rated Bollards

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K-Rated Bollards vs. M-Rated Bollards Bollards are a common sight at the front of nearly any commercial building. Typically installed near entrances, these architectural structures protect pedestrians and buildings from damage caused by oncoming vehicles. They are available in numerous variations to suit different purposes, such as preventing cars from inadvertently ending up on the […]