Energy Absorbing Steel Guarding Systems

Patented CoreFlex® guarding uses an innovative impact absorption system that protects not only your equipment and personnel but significantly reduces damage to your concrete floor and foundation.

During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is gradually absorbed by an elastomer in the base of the assembly. The post can tilt approximately 15° as it absorbs energy and softens the impact.

After the impact, the post returns upright. Your guard remains intact and ready to perform again.

Due to the CoreFlex energy absorbing characteristics, it also reduces the risk of a forklift load toppling over when compared to a static, immovable bollard.

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When you choose CoreFlex, you get a protection system you can rely on to

  • protect your employees
  • protect your equipment
  • reduce damage to your walls, floor, and foundation

CoreFlex is an excellent safety solution for all types of facilities. All commercial and industrial properties can benefit from the protection provided by a CoreFlex system from Ontario Bollards.

A Versatile, Modular Structure that Saves Time and Money

The CoreFlex protection system is completely modular and can be assembled to virtually any configuration you can imagine. The experts at Ontario Bollards will make it easy for you to design your CoreFlex system to meet your unique needs and to protect your people, equipment, and property.
Because of its impact absorption system, CoreFlex reduces the risk of damage to your concrete floor. Watch our side-by-side impact video to see how CoreFlex can protect your floor — and help you avoid expensive concrete repairs.

When you choose CoreFlex, you get a durable, modular system. Your CoreFlex system will need much less maintenance or repair than conventional steel bollards. With the modular design, it’s easy to replace any component that gets damaged and less expensive than with a conventional bollard system.

Ontario Bollards keeps all CoreFlex components in stock. You can get what you need right away instead of waiting for a custom order to be shipped.


CoreFlex is a versatile and innovative safety solution with the flexibility of polymer and the strength of steel. The modular CoreFlex system has four components:

  1. base assembly
  2. elbow
  3. t-bow
  4. 4” SCH40 pipe (4.5” O.D.)


With the CoreFlex system, you can easily design the configurations you need to protect your facility. These are a few examples of how you can configure your CoreFlex system:


For specifications and to see examples of CoreFlex in a live environment, click on a product below.



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Check out the CoreFlex Gallery to see examples of the CoreFlex protection system in a live environment. The CoreFlex modular system gives you the flexibility to design virtually any configuration you can imagine.