Driveway Bollards

Ontario Bollards has it’s own brand of residential and high security bollards.

annT Logo - the brand name behind Ontario Bollards product line.

This brand is known as ännT Perimeter Protection.

A cutting-edge range of stainless steel bollards, engineered and developed for residential protection.

The 5 products on this page all fall under the ännT brand.

ännT driveway bollards collection, with full pricing breakdown and e-commerce store.

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Manual Retractable Bollard


This Stainless Steel Removable Bollard features internal locking hardware for quick and easy access to restricted areas.

Stainless Steel Automatic Retractable Bollard

Our Automatic Retractable bollard is designed primarily for residential projects.

Stainless Steel Removable Bollard


This Single Locking Retractable Bollard retracts fully below ground, closing flush to avoid obstruction and tripping hazards, and can only be locked in extended, upright position.

Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard


This Stainless Steel Bollard can be embedded in concrete for simple and secure installations.

Stainless Steel Bolt-Down Bollard


This Stainless Steel Bollard can be bolted down into concrete slab for simple and secure installations.