Bollard Covers

Bollard CoversOntario Bollards plastic bollard covers are an easy and inexpensive way to beautify security and bumper posts and to provide them with weather-resistant protection.

They can be easily installed by almost anyone to transform the otherwise unsightly appearance of security barriers and to increase their visibility – in a matter of minutes.

Post covers will add years to the service lives of steel posts and installing them means never having to paint again. They are virtually maintenance-free and, unlike metal bollards, they will never rust, chip or crack. Plastic bollard covers are available in ten standard colours, along with multiple striping colours for each model.


  • Quick Payback – Eliminates constant repainting
  • High Quality Plastic – Designed for all-weather
  • Reflective Striping – Increase visibility and safety
  • Easily Installed – Slides on an existing post
  • Fade Resistant – 6 year guarantee – longest in the industry!
  • Great Looking – Improves property appearance
  • Secure – Locks in place to help prevent theft
  • Fast Shipments – Typically same day or next

Assessment Available  Installation Available


  • Size Chart
    4″x52″ Bollard Cover (4.700″ ID)
    4″x64″ Bollard Cover (4.700″ ID)
    4″x72″ Bollard Cover (4.700″ ID)
    7″x52″ Bollard Cover (7.125″ ID)
    7″x60″ Bollard Cover (7.125″ ID)
    7″x72″ Bollard Cover (7.125″ ID)
    8″x72″ Bollard Cover (8.875 ID)
    11″x60″ Bollard Cover (11.125″ ID)