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Choosing the Right Bollards for Storefront Safety

Choosing the Right Bollards for Storefront Safety

Imagine a quiet day turned chaotic as a car, losing control, barrels towards a storefront. In a split second, the only line of defense—a bolt-down bollard—gives way, torn from its concrete moorings. Glass shatters, metal bends, and the safety of patrons hangs in the balance. This isn’t a scene from a movie; it’s a real-life incident that exposes the vulnerability of inadequate security measures.

red car crashing into corner of the store

The stark aftermath images of a car crashing into a storefront, tearing out a conventional bolt-down bollard, underscore an urgent truth: when it comes to protecting people and property, aesthetics and minimum standards aren’t enough. It’s a matter of prevention and robust protection.

The False Security of Bolt-Down Bollards

The incident brings to light the false security promised by traditional bolt-down bollards. Seemingly sturdy, these bollards stand on a fragile foundation—only as strong as the concrete that anchors them. When put to the test by a vehicle’s force, they fail, offering minimal resistance and maximum risk.

A Step Towards Resilience

In the face of such threats, our bare minimum security measure for storefronts should be 6” fully embedded bollards. Extending four feet below and above the ground, they offer a security rooted in strength, capable of withstanding significant force without yielding.

The 150C40FX Crash Certified Bollards

For those who prioritize the highest level of security, ännT presents the 150C40FX crash-certified bollards. These are designed not just as barriers but as fortresses, offering high-impact resistance while preserving the aesthetic integrity of storefronts.

The need for heightened security is more apparent than ever. Not all bollards are created equal, and the ännT 150C40FX is proof of safety innovation. Choosing ännT Bollards is not merely about installing a security feature; it’s about a steadfast commitment to safety and resilience.

Don’t let a close call become a wake-up call. Reach out to Ontario Bollards now for more information on securing your business with the best line of defense.


Revolutionizing Public Safety with OktaBlock: The Ultimate Mobile Vehicle Barrier Solution

Revolutionizing Public Safety with OktaBlock: The Ultimate Mobile Vehicle Barrier Solution

In an era where public safety is increasingly at the forefront of urban planning and event management, the need for reliable and adaptable security solutions is paramount. This is where OktaBlock, a cutting-edge mobile vehicle barrier, comes into play. Developed by ANNT in collaboration with Hörmann/Pilomat, OktaBlock is designed to meet and exceed international crash test standards, providing unparalleled safety and peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll explore the innovative features of OktaBlock and its impact on enhancing public safety.

The OktaBlock Advantage

Certified for Maximum Safety

OktaBlock is not just any barrier; it’s a certified solution according to the highest international standards, including BSI PAS 68:2013 and IWA-14-1:2013. These certifications ensure that OktaBlock can withstand significant impacts, such as from an N2/N2A category vehicle weighing 7.5 tonnes at a speed of 50 km/h, absorbing around 750,000 joules of impact energy. This level of certification is critical for ensuring maximum safety in public spaces.

Innovative Design for Versatile Protection

One of the standout features of OktaBlock is its axisymmetric geometry, which allows it to repel vehicle collisions from any direction. This versatility is essential for unpredictable real-world scenarios, ensuring comprehensive protection regardless of the angle of impact. Additionally, OktaBlock’s design is non-threatening and inviting, seamlessly blending into urban landscapes while providing robust security.

Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance

OktaBlock’s design facilitates a time-saving installation process. The fully assembled individual blockers can be easily positioned with standard equipment such as a crane or forklift truck, without the need for special technical knowledge or extensive civil work. This ease of installation makes OktaBlock an ideal solution for temporary events or rapidly changing security needs.

Flexibility and Cost-Efficiency

The flexibility of OktaBlock is unmatched. Whether it’s securing narrow streets, large public gatherings, or providing defined passage points for emergency and rescue vehicles, OktaBlock can be arranged individually in rows or offset to meet specific requirements. This flexibility, combined with its maintenance-free design, makes it a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

Additional Functionalities

OktaBlock goes beyond just being a barrier. It can be used as a notice or advertising space, creating new revenue streams for events. The option for an all-round banner maximizes its utility while maintaining its primary function as a security barrier.

Why Choose OktaBlock?

Choosing OktaBlock means investing in a solution that prioritizes public safety without compromising on flexibility, aesthetics, or cost-efficiency. Its certified protection, innovative design, and easy installation make it a top choice for urban planners, event organizers, and security professionals.

Adaptable to Various Scenarios

From city festivals to Christmas markets, OktaBlock can be rapidly deployed to secure any event or public space. Its modular nature allows for quick adaptation to different settings, ensuring optimal protection is always in place.

Sustainable Security Investment

Investing in OktaBlock is not just a short-term solution; it’s a sustainable approach to public safety. Its durable design and minimal maintenance requirements ensure that it remains a reliable barrier for years to come, providing long-term value and security.

Enhancing Public Confidence

The presence of OktaBlock barriers can significantly enhance public confidence in safety measures. Knowing that an area is protected by certified, impact-resistant barriers allows people to enjoy public spaces and events with greater peace of mind.


OktaBlock represents a new era in mobile vehicle barrier solutions, offering an unmatched combination of safety, flexibility, and ease of use. Its certification to the latest standards, innovative design, and additional functionalities make it a standout product in the realm of public safety. For those seeking a reliable, adaptable, and efficient way to safeguard public spaces, OktaBlock by ANNT/Ontario Bollards is the ultimate choice. With OktaBlock, you’re not just securing an area; you’re investing in the future of public safety and community well-being.


Email or for more information on the Oktablock.


Surface-mounted bollards are installed directly on top of an existing surface, most commonly concrete, eliminating the need for excavating or core drilling, thereby minimizing disruption and cost. They are designed with a flat base or flange that allows them to be securely attached to the surface with bolts or anchors for a firm connection.

Surface-mounted bollards come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different applications and environments. They can be made of materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic, depending on the desired strength, durability, and aesthetics. The most popular options are a 4.5” x 42” H or 6” x 42” H, yellow bolt-down.

Surface-mounted bollards offer the advantage of easy installation, flexibility, and versatility. Their removable and relocatable nature makes them suitable for both permanent and temporary installations, providing a practical solution for a wide range of interior and exterior settings. They are also much easier to maintain and repair than embedded bollards.

Surface-mounted bollards have many applications, including:


Sturdy surface-mounted bollards are used in exterior and interior workspaces to protect utilities (such as water and gas meters), electronics (such as electrical circuit boxes), machinery, buildings (such as dock doors), or pedestrians from accidental collisions with forklifts and other such vehicles.


Surface-mounted bollards are often used to create a protective perimeter around buildings, public spaces and sensitive areas. They serve as physical barriers to prevent vehicle intrusion and unauthorized access, enhancing security measures.


Surface-mounted bollards help ensure the safety of pedestrians by providing a clear separation between vehicle and foot traffic. They are commonly installed along sidewalks, plazas, and pedestrian zones to prevent vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas, reducing the risk of accidents.


Surface-mounted bollards play a role in traffic management and control. They can guide and direct traffic flow, delineate lanes and designate restricted areas such as bus lanes, bike lanes, or loading zones. Bollards with reflective surfaces or lights are particularly useful for nighttime visibility and guiding drivers.


Surface bollards are often used as design elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes, parks, and commercial properties. They can be customized to match the surrounding architecture and blend in seamlessly with the overall design concept.+


Surface-mounted bollards can incorporate signage or wayfinding elements. They can display directional information, street names and provide visual cues to guide pedestrians and drivers. Such bollards are helpful in complex environments, large campuses and urban developments where clear navigation is required.


Surface-mounted bollards are useful for managing temporary events and controlling access to specific areas. They can be easily installed and removed as needed, allowing event organizers to create boundaries, control crowds, and ensure the safety and security of participants.


Surface-mounted bollards help protect landscape features, historical monuments and valuable structures from accidental damage caused by vehicles. By strategically placing bollards around these areas, the risk of unintended collisions or vandalism can be mitigated.


Surface-mounted bollards provide security, safety/accident protection, traffic management, and aesthetic enhancements, contributing to the overall efficiency of workspaces and the livability of urban environments.


Click here to learn about Ontario Bollards’ surface-mounted bollards and their application at your site.

The Different Types of Bollards and Their Uses

What are bollards and what do bollards do?

Bollards are sturdy vertical posts used to control or restrict vehicular traffic, provide crowd control and security, and enhance the aesthetics of both architecture and landscaping. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials and are commonly found in public spaces, parking lots, and along roads and sidewalks. Altogether there are about 40 different types of bollard, ranging from conventional yellow steel bolt-down bollards to galvanized pipe that can be buried in the ground and enclosed in a plastic cover. This article outlines some of the most common types of bollard and their uses.

Fixed bollards

Fixed bollards are permanent traffic control posts. They are ideal for forming barriers around building entrances or parking lots and provide permanent collision protection and a visual deterrent for unwanted traffic.  Usually made of steel or concrete, fixed bollards protect areas that no vehicles should ever access. Fixed bollards are available in both embedded and surface-mounted models, the former generally being more robust and the latter providing more flexibility with regards to usage. The picture above is an example of a shallow-mount array of fixed bollards.

Removable bollards

Removable bollards are designed to be easily removed and replaced when necessary. They are ideal for locations with changing access needs. Removable bollards are typically installed in a sleeve or socket set into the ground and can be taken out using a key or specialized tool. They are used in a variety of settings, including:

  1. Emergency access: To provide access for emergency vehicles when necessary, while still maintaining restricted access in normal conditions.
  2. Event management: To manage traffic and pedestrian flow during events such as festivals, concerts, or parades.
  3. Retail or business settings: To control access to parking lots or loading areas for delivery trucks.
  4. Seasonal changes: To restrict vehicles from areas that are only closed off during certain seasons, such as snow removal areas or summer patios.

Automatic Retractable bollards

Automatic retractable bollards are a convenient medium to heavy-duty temporary barrier, as the bollards can be raised and lowered using an electromechanical or hydraulic operation method. These bollards can be operated with the push of a button, RFID card reader, or it can be easily integrated with existing control systems. Retractable bollards are an economical and flexible solution to reduce or redirect traffic to keep pedestrians safe. They are typically used in high-security areas or areas where frequent access is required, such as:

  1. Government and military facilities: To control access to secure areas such as military bases or government buildings.
  2. Public spaces: To manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic in spaces such as city centers, parks, and squares.
  3. Retail or commercial settings: To control access to loading docks or parking areas for delivery trucks.
  4. Emergency access: To allow emergency vehicles such as fire trucks or ambulances to pass.

Anti-terrorism bollards

Anti-terrorism bollards are K-rated or M-rated bollards, designed and tested to stop a vehicle that is being driven at a certain speed. They can be fixed, removable or automatic. The “K” or “M” rating of a bollard refers to its ability to withstand impact from a vehicle traveling at a certain speed, measured in kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph). For example, a bollard with a K4 rating is designed to stop a vehicle weighing up to 6,800 kg (15,000 lbs) traveling at 50 km/h (30 mph), while a K12 bollard is designed to stop a vehicle weighing up to 6800 kg (15,000 lbs) traveling at 80 km/h (50 mph).

K-rated or M-rated bollards are commonly used in high-security areas such as government buildings, military bases, airports, and other critical infrastructure sites where protection against vehicle-borne threats is necessary.

Decorative bollards

Decorative bollards are designed to enhance the visual appeal of an area while still providing traffic control. They are often used in pedestrian areas, parks, and plazas. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials and can be customized to fit a specific theme or architectural style.

Illuminated Bollards

Illuminated bollards are decorative bollards that are equipped with lighting elements, such as LED lights, to provide illumination for outdoor spaces. These bollards are typically used to enhance the visibility and safety of pedestrian walkways, parking lots, parks, and other public areas.’

Flexible bollards

Flexible Polyurethane Bollards

Flexible bollards are a type of traffic control device that is designed to bend or flex upon impact, instead of remaining rigid like traditional bollards. They are typically made of durable materials such as polyurethane, PVC, or rubber, and are often used to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.


Ontario Bollards specializes in the supply, servicing and installation of asset protection equipment and systems. With over 40 years of combined experience in the field, our knowledge of bollards and their applications is vast.  Contact Ontario Bollards to help us help you.

The Importance of Proper Bollard Installation

bollard installation

What are bollards?

Bollards are short, sturdy vertical posts that are often used to create a barrier or mark a boundary. They are typically made of metal, concrete or other durable materials and can be found in many different places, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and building exteriors. Bollards are commonly used to protect people and property from accidental collisions, such as when a vehicle veers off course or a bike rider loses control. They can also be used to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas or to guide traffic flow. Bollards can be installed individually or in a series.

There are many different types of bollards, such as fixed, removable or retractable (manual or automatic). And within these type categories there are various subtypes, including:

  • Decorative bollards: Designed to enhance the aesthetic of an area
  • Anti-terrorism bollards, or crash-rated (K-rated or M-rated) bollards: Designed to withstand high-speed collisions with vehicles, including car-ramming attacks by terrorists, a global issue that has recently become more prominent in Canada..
  • Lighted bollards: Equipped with a built-in light source that illuminates the surrounding area, making it easier for people to see where they are going and to avoid potential hazards.
  • Flexible bollards: Made from materials that bend and absorb impacts from vehicles, reducing damage and the risk of injury.
  • Camera-equipped security bollards: Equipped with surveillance cameras, these bollards can be used to monitor and record activity in areas where security is a concern, such as parking lots, building entrances, and other public spaces. We don’t really carry camera-equipped bollards. I would take out this section.

Altogether there are about 40 types/subtypes of bollard providing a diverse range of functions. The world of bollards is much more multi-dimensional than most people realize!

Why proper bollard installation is so important

Proper installation of bollards is fundamental to any streetscape or landscape project where these fixtures are part of the plan. In fact, getting them installed is almost as important as choosing the right ones in the first place! Below are some key reasons why proper bollard installation is so critical.

  • Safety: Bollards are often used to protect pedestrians, buildings, and other structures from vehicular traffic. Improperly installed bollards can become a safety hazard if they are knocked over or if they fail to stop a vehicle. Proper installation ensures that bollards are securely anchored and can withstand the intended level of impact.
  • Durability: Bollards that are not installed correctly can become damaged or worn over time, reducing their effectiveness and longevity. Bollards must be installed using appropriate materials and methods to withstand weather conditions, wear and tear, and potential impacts.
  • Functionality: Bollards are installed for a variety of reasons, such as controlling traffic flow, preventing vehicle access, and enhancing security. Improperly installed bollards may not serve their intended purpose, leading to ineffective or inefficient use of public space.
  • Aesthetics: Bollards can be used to enhance the appearance of a property or to create a specific design element. Proper installation ensures that the bollards are installed in a way that is visually appealing and complements the surrounding environment.
  • Liability: In the event of an accident or injury, improperly installed bollards can create liability issues for property owners and municipalities. Proper installation can help mitigate the risk of accidents and reduce liability.

It is important to follow industry standards and guidelines when installing bollards to ensure that they provide the intended level of protection and security. The best way to do this is to hire a professional with experience in bollard installation.


Ontario Bollards installs bollards virtually every workday of the year. Our reputation for doing the job right is unparalleled. Click here to learn more about Ontario Bollard’s installation services.

The Importance of Bollard Maintenance

Bollards are a highly useful and dependable means of demarking, protecting and securing a broad range of public and private indoor and outdoor spaces. But like any other element of the built environment, bollards require regular maintenance to ensure that they function optimally and look as attractive as possible. Today we are going to look at key bollard maintenance issues.

How bollards get damaged

Understanding how bollards get damaged is fundamental to effective bollard maintenance. There are two primary sources of damage.

Physical environment

Bollards are designed to withstand inclement weather and adverse environmental conditions, but over time these forces take a toll. Fierce winds, heavy rain, snow, ice and even brilliant sunshine can all compromise bollard integrity. Bollards installed in high-saline locations subject to saltwater spray or de-icing salts, as well as those installed in high-traffic areas with an abundance of particulates and other pollutants, are all vulnerable to damage.


Many bollards are installed to serve as visual aids to drivers, not all of whom drive with utmost care and skill. And then there are individuals who drive into bollards deliberately for a variety of dubious reasons. Getting struck by vehicles or other blunt objects is a reality of bollard life. In addition, it’s not rare for bollards to be vandalized by taggers with cans of spray paint or to be compromised by well-intended but misguided efforts at bollard maintenance. 

Bollard inspection

Regular inspection is key to bollard maintenance. As for inspection frequency, this varies with bollard type, the environment in which they are installed and realities such as manpower availability. It’s reasonable to suggest, however, that bollards installed in harsh or heavily trafficked environments should be inspected weekly, while those in less challenging situations should be inspected monthly. 

What to check for in a bollard inspection:

  • Accumulation of dirt, salt or residue from the atmosphere
  • Vandalism such as graffiti
  • Dents
  • Rust
  • Cracks, scrapes and scratches
  • Performance decline (particularly with retractable bollards)
  • Loose fixings and fittings

Bollard inspections usually reveal little deterioration as bollards are robust structures built to last. That said, having spare bollard fittings and fixings with you during an inspection may allow you to execute a repair right away and save a return trip. 

Another dimension of bollard inspection is judging whether a bollard is damaged beyond your ability to maintain it. If you determine this to be the case, you should engage a bollard professional to carry out the required repair or to replace the bollard.

Bollard maintenance

Approaches to bollard maintenance vary depending upon the base material from which the bollard is constructed. Fine-tuning your maintenance program with regards to the products and devices you use is crucial to keeping your bollards at a high standard in terms of utility and attractiveness, as well as inadvertently damaging them further.

Regardless of base material, you generally want to clean your bollard with warm soapy water or warm water mixed with detergent. Simply doing this will remove a great deal of surface grime and greatly improve bollard appearance. A soft brush should be used, preferably nylon, and the bollard should always be rinsed and dried with a soft cloth.

Scrapes, scratches, and graffiti are common forms of surface damage, while dents and rust affect the structural integrity of a bollard. All forms of damage should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration. Removing traces of rust is particularly critical. For significant damage, such as cracked or broken components or missing parts, bollards shoud be taken out of service until repaired or replaced.

Winterizing removable and retractable bollards

In cold climates found in much of Canada and the northern US implementing winterizing processes for removable or retractable bollards is vital to extending bollard life. Retractable and removable bollards have mechanical components that require ongoing maintenance. In winter, below-ground receivers can be susceptible to corrosion and/or seizing if exposed to significant amounts of rain, snow, ice, and/or de-icing chemicals. A typical winterizing process for removable and retractable bollards includes extraction of the bollard, removal of debris and moisture and lubrication. Doing this in late summer or early fall helps prepare bollards for harsh winter conditions, which greatly extends their lives.

All Ontario Bollards products are manufactured with high quality materials for premium aesthetics and long-term durability. With regular inspection and ongoing maintenance, Ontario Bollard products will provide years of service. 


Understanding how to properly inspect and maintain bollards pays huge dividends in terms of time and money saved—not to mention the positive impact on your business of having attractive, well-maintained bollards. To learn more about Ontario Bollard products—and how to maintain them—please click here.

Why Choose Ontario Bollards For Your Perimeter Protection Needs


If you have perimeter protection needs, contacting Ontario Bollards should be your first step—for a host of compelling reasons. 


With more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our team has a broad range of knowledge about construction-related projects and processes. We understand which materials, constructions, and installation methods work best for each application. From our headquarters in Georgetown, Ontario and office in Williamsville, New York, we have provided site-specific safety and security solutions for countless clients throughout North America in a broad spectrum of industries. As a result, we’ve collaborated with security specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, property managers, and end-users to provide solutions that are both functional and attractive. We are the premier experts in North America on the design, construction, installation and servicing of asset protection products for all situations. There’s no substitute for experience and ours is unrivalled. 


Fundamental to the success of Ontario Bollards is our extensive materials inventory for bollard construction, which allows us to provide you with a quick turnaround on your project. On the rare occasions that Ontario Bollard cannot fabricate the specific solution required by a unique or complex application, we make use of our extensive network of partner facilities to help meet those needs. Our portfolio of material suppliers and fabricators share our commitment to producing the best asset protection solutions available. Consequently, we have the capacity to meet your every need.



Ontario Bollards provides an extensive array of bollards, including: 

  • Anti-Terrorism (K-Rated) Bollards: Stop big trucks in their tracks.
  • Retractable Bollards (Semi-Automatic and Automatic Hydraulic models): A secure and affordable option for access control.
  • Removable Bollards: Ideal for locations with changing access needs.
  • Manual Bollards: Clean and versatile design; available with alternative mountings, including retractable and removable options.
  • Surface-Mount/Bolt-Down Bollards: Protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings or pedestrians from accidental collisions. 
  • Bollard Covers: An easy and inexpensive way to beautify security posts and protect them from the elements.

Ontario Bollards also provides SpringPosts, bollards that spring back upright after impact, as well as Polymer Barrier Systems, designed to protect doors or protruding corners from accidental impacts with forklifts and other moving vehicles.



Single-Source Solutions

Ontario Bollards provides turn-key perimeter protection systems tailored to your specific requirements. We do it all. We can help you:

  • Assess your current damage protection strategy and your unique requirements.
  • Identify weak points in your current damage protection program.
  • Create a custom plan that addresses the weak points.
  • Provide the products outlined in the plan.
  • Promptly and expertly install the products.
  • Conduct maintenance and repairs as required.

By professionally providing all these services at competitive prices, we make protecting your people, products, operations and profits simple and stress-free.


If you have perimeter protection needs, we’d love to hear from you. We know we can help. Click here to contact us.

Ontario Bollards’ Safety Month Spotlight: MPM Polymer Barriers

MPM Polymer Barriers

This past June was the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month founded in 1996 by the United States National Safety Council (NSC). The purpose of National Safety Month is to prevent injuries and deaths and creating a safe workplace. Workplace accidents have continued to climb with the United States seeing its highest number of serious and fatal workplace accidents since 2007 with 5,333 fatal workplace injuries in 2019; according to the NSC. Therefore, observance of National Safety Month is more crucial than ever.

In an effort to shed light on effective workplace safety measures and prevent workplace injuries, Ontario Bollards is highlighting the MPM polymer barrier system – flexible industrial safety barriers that make work environments safe wherever there are vehicles, goods, or people. With the ultra-resilient REFLEX technology, polymer barriers from MPM are a much more effective alternative to traditional steel guardrails and can dramatically reduce the risk of workplace injury and damage to goods or equipment involving machinery and vehicles.

Why MPM?

MPM polymer barrier systems from Ontario Bollards are resilient, customizable, easy to install, and above all: designed to enhance the safety of factories and warehouses. MPM barriers are made with a proprietary shock-absorbing technology into an ultra-lightweight package, making them an ideal space-saving safety solution. Here are some of the key features of the MPM barrier system which make them a valuable asset in reducing workplace injury.

REFLEX technology

The proprietary REFLEX technology used in MPM barrier systems helps to redistribute energy across the entire length of the barrier–allowing the barrier to flex and return to its original shape. The technopolymer used in MPM barriers absorbs impact better than any steel, protecting machinery and vehicles, personnel, inventory, and the warehouse itself in the event of a collision. While steel may be rendered defective or harm an operator from even a slight bump from a vehicle, shock-absorbing MPM barriers bounce back time and time again. REFLEX tech means MPM barriers are always primed to protect. Click here to view our MPM impact tests and see REFLEX in action.

Compact, modular design

Different job sites may require different safety measures, and MPM barrier systems provide solutions for any locale. The length of each MPM barrier can be extended or shortened to offer ample coverage without sacrificing impact resistance, and the dense materials used to make each MPM barrier helps to shrink the barrier’s footprint. Taking up less space than other barrier solutions, the MPM barrier leaves more room for usable working space. MPM polymer barrier systems are also easily customizable, making them an ideal safety measure for nearly any job site.

A superior product for every need

Ontario Bollards’ wide array of MPM products ensures that there is an MPM polymer barrier system to meet the safety requirements of any site. From lightweight guardrails designed to protect people, machinery, and inventory to safety gates which clearly define safe pedestrian access and exit points, the full catalogue of superior MPM products is designed for long-term use. In addition to being scratch and corrosion resistant, the high-visibility surfaces of MPM barrier systems are easier to clean and longer lasting than steel.

Ontario Bollards’ commitment to safety

As North America’s exclusive provider of MPM polymer barrier systems, Ontario Bollards are experts on MPM products. The team at Ontario Bollards understands that optimal productivity begins with a safe work environment. Our commitment to improving workplace safety extends far beyond the confines of Safety Month, with our dedicated team operating around the clock to provide clients with the correct safety solution.

To schedule an MPM product consultation with the team at Ontario Bollards and improve the safety of your site, dial us at 844-991-8559 or send a note to

A New/Old Approach in Preventing Vehicle Theft

A New:Old Approach in Preventing Vehicle Theft

Summer in Canada brings longer days and warmer temperatures, it also brings with it an unwanted side-effect: record-high rates of vehicle theft. Reaching epidemic proportions in Canada with theft rates in Toronto nearly doubling since 2015, a vehicle is now stolen every six minutes according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The Toronto Police Department reported 5,666 vehicle thefts in 2020, capping a five-year upward trend. TPS also reported that the majority of thefts occurred on weekdays, with a high concentration of thefts taking place between 7 pm and 10 pm. Commercial vehicle thefts saw a 0.3% increase according to these findings, while residential vehicle thefts were up a whopping 13.5%. Despite the daunting statistics, vehicle theft is preventable, and the team at Ontario Bollards has put together a list of tips to greatly reduce the risk of property loss.

Park defensively

The simplest defense against vehicle theft can sometimes be a careful parking job. A locked garage is always the safest place for a vehicle, but should one not be available then more strategic parking is a must. For starters, thieves are not too fond of the spotlight, so parking a vehicle in a well-lit area will help deter a theft. When parking two vehicles, it is wise to park in a way that ensures one vehicle is guarding the more valuable (and therefore more susceptible) vehicle. Dedicating a few minutes to ensuring a vehicle is parked strategically may be the difference between a safe vehicle and a stolen one.

High-tech, lower risk

High-tech, lower risk anti-theftAs thieves get more cunning, a high-tech approach to vehicle defense becomes more necessary. Simple tools like a steering-wheel lock prevent theft by making a vehicle impossible to steer should a successful break-in take place. Immobilizers are a tool that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. This prevents the vehicle from being “hot wired” and reduces vehicular theft. While these less complex measures are effective, vehicle owners should also install GPS trackers on vehicles and store key-fobs in signal-blocking pouches (Faraday bag or cage) to guard them against hacking. Clearly visible security cameras pointed directly at the vehicle(s) can also deter potential thieves, or at very least provide documentation should a successful theft occur.

Think like a thief!

To prevent theft, vehicle owners should begin thinking like a thief. A quick trip into a coffee shop or running back into the house to grab a wallet (or a mask) with an unlocked or even running car may seem harmless, but it could present a golden opportunity for a thief to strike. Valuables should be removed or hidden, and vehicles should be locked whenever a vehicle is left unattended, no matter how brief. While Canadians would all like to put their faith in others, with theft rates at a record high it is not worth the risk.

Learn from the professionals!

Although residential vehicular theft in 2020 was up 13.5% over the previous year, commercial thefts remained largely unchanged. The defining factor? Bollards. Bollards have been used for decades to protect tractors and other heavy machinery, and car dealerships count on them to protect vehicles from theft while also offering access to inventory when needed. In addition to preventing theft, bollards are cost-effective and are a safety barrier that prevent vehicles from causing accidental or intentional damage to property—making them a valuable asset to car dealerships. With Canadian vehicular theft at an all-time high, however, more and more individuals are now relying on bollards for private residences as well.

Guard vehicles with Ontario Bollards

Guard vehicles with Ontario BollardsImmobilizers, alarms, and high-tech security systems are a strong defense, remember that bollards are the ultimate protective measure. With over 35 years of industry experience, Ontario Bollards is Canada’s premiere resource for asset security solutions. Sleek, stainless steel removable and retractable bollards from Ontario Bollards provide unbeatable protection while offering convenient access to vehicles when needed. With thefts reaching a fever pitch, vehicle security is more crucial than ever. Fortunately, even the most brazen of thieves are deterred by Ontario Bollards. “Car dealerships have been using them forever,” said president of Ontario Bollards Danny Zanchi. “They’re commonplace in Europe and they are becoming more popular here.”

Furthermore, Ontario Bollards can install retractable bollards in residential driveways to prevent car theft. Here is the story of one of our clients, who had a vehicle stolen, so they hired Ontario Bollards to install a set of retractable bollards to prevent any possibility of future theft:

The installed retractable bollards on the driveway

The installed retractable bollards on the driveway

“I recently woke up to discover that my wife’s car had been stolen right out of our home driveway. Needless to say it’s a gut wrenching experience; that leaves you feeling violated and exposed at your own home.

I decided to look into the idea of residential Retractable Bollards and after making a few calls to educate myself on the cost and details of installing these bollards…

Eventually I called Ontario Bollards and got on a call immediately with a young man named Nate. I must tell you that I was SO impressed with the customer service side of your company (Nate is absolutely terrific).

The workmanship was EXCELLENT!!  No mess!  No fuss!  Just excellent execution on all counts!

The installed retractable bollards. Retracted (left)/In Use (right)

The installed retractable bollards. Retracted (left)/In Use (right)

I’m really so impressed with your company and your team; and I just wanted to let you know that I would be happy to be a reference anytime you might have a new client that wants to hear how MY experience went.

I would highly recommend Ontario Bollards to anyone that is looking to find a way to secure your home driveway from auto theft.”

 -Darrin Jones, Ontario Bollards Customer

Do not be another statistic. Being proactive rather than reactive in regard to vehicular theft can save heaps of headache (and heartache) in the long-run, and a bollard solution from Ontario Bollards is the most effective way to guard against vehicular theft. For more information on how Ontario Bollards can help keep your vehicles safe, dial us at 844-891-8559 or send an inquiry to and our team of our experts will be glad to help.