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Choosing the Right Bollards for Storefront Safety

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Choosing the Right Bollards for Storefront Safety

Imagine a quiet day turned chaotic as a car, losing control, barrels towards a storefront. In a split second, the only line of defense—a bolt-down bollard—gives way, torn from its concrete moorings. Glass shatters, metal bends, and the safety of patrons hangs in the balance. This isn’t a scene from a movie; it’s a real-life incident that exposes the vulnerability of inadequate security measures.

red car crashing into corner of the store

The stark aftermath images of a car crashing into a storefront, tearing out a conventional bolt-down bollard, underscore an urgent truth: when it comes to protecting people and property, aesthetics and minimum standards aren’t enough. It’s a matter of prevention and robust protection.

The False Security of Bolt-Down Bollards

The incident brings to light the false security promised by traditional bolt-down bollards. Seemingly sturdy, these bollards stand on a fragile foundation—only as strong as the concrete that anchors them. When put to the test by a vehicle’s force, they fail, offering minimal resistance and maximum risk.

A Step Towards Resilience

In the face of such threats, our bare minimum security measure for storefronts should be 6” fully embedded bollards. Extending four feet below and above the ground, they offer a security rooted in strength, capable of withstanding significant force without yielding.

The 150C40FX Crash Certified Bollards

For those who prioritize the highest level of security, ännT presents the 150C40FX crash-certified bollards. These are designed not just as barriers but as fortresses, offering high-impact resistance while preserving the aesthetic integrity of storefronts.

The need for heightened security is more apparent than ever. Not all bollards are created equal, and the ännT 150C40FX is proof of safety innovation. Choosing ännT Bollards is not merely about installing a security feature; it’s about a steadfast commitment to safety and resilience.

Don’t let a close call become a wake-up call. Reach out to Ontario Bollards now for more information on securing your business with the best line of defense.