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Maximizing Safety with CoreFlex Guarding: A Revolution in Protective Systems

Maximizing Safety with CoreFlex Guarding: A Revolution in Protective Systems

In today’s fast-paced industrial and commercial environments, the safety of equipment and personnel is paramount. CoreFlex Guarding System, offered by Ontario Bollards, represents a significant advancement in protective systems, combining innovative design with exceptional functionality to enhance safety and reduce damage risks. This blog delves into the unique features of CoreFlex Guarding and how it revolutionizes safety standards.

What is CoreFlex?

CoreFlex is an energy-absorbing steel guarding system designed to protect equipment, personnel, and infrastructure. It significantly reduces damage to equipment, concrete floors, and foundations. This patented system uses an innovative impact absorption approach, where the kinetic energy of an impact is gradually absorbed by an elastomer in the base of the assembly. During a collision, the post can tilt approximately 15°, softening the impact and then returning upright, ready to perform again.

The CoreFlex Advantage

  • 1. Impact Resistance: One of the key strengths of CoreFlex is its ability to withstand impacts. Traditional metal protection systems often fail upon impact, whereas CoreFlex safely absorbs and dissipates energy. This reduces the risk of injury and damage significantly.
  • 2. Durability and Maintenance: CoreFlex is not only durable but also requires less maintenance compared to conventional steel bollards. Its modular design allows for easy replacement of any damaged components, further lowering maintenance costs.
  • 3. Design Flexibility: The modular nature of CoreFlex allows it to be configured in various layouts to suit specific needs. Whether it’s protecting equipment, personnel, or infrastructure, CoreFlex can be tailored to offer optimal protection.
  • 4. Combining Polymer Flexibility and Steel Strength: CoreFlex brings together the flexibility of polymer and the strength of steel, offering a protection system that is both robust and adaptable to impact. Watch demonstration here.

CoreFlex in Real-World Scenarios

Consider a scenario where a forklift collides with a static, immovable bollard. The likely outcome would be the forklift load toppling over, causing potential injury and damage. CoreFlex, with its energy absorption characteristics, helps soften the impact, thereby preventing such accidents. It’s an ideal solution for environments where machinery like forklifts are frequently used, significantly lowering the risk of workplace accidents.

Why Choose CoreFlex for Your Facility?

Choosing CoreFlex means investing in a protection system that reliably safeguards employees, equipment, and infrastructure. It’s an excellent solution for all types of facilities, especially those where the risk of collision and impact is high.

Modular Design for Custom Solutions

CoreFlex is completely modular and can be assembled in virtually any configuration, making it an adaptable solution for various industrial and commercial settings. The experts at Ontario Bollards assist in designing a CoreFlex system tailored to meet unique operational needs.

CoreFlex: A Sustainable Safety Investment

With its innovative absorption system, durable construction, and modular design, CoreFlex represents a sustainable investment in safety. It not only protects personnel and equipment but also helps avoid expensive repairs and maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.


The CoreFlex Guarding System is more than just a safety feature; it’s a testament to Ontario Bollards’ commitment to innovation, quality, and comprehensive protection solutions. By integrating the CoreFlex system, businesses can significantly enhance their safety standards, demonstrating a commitment to employee welfare and operational integrity. With CoreFlex, Ontario Bollards continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering solutions that are not just effective but also future-proof in their design and functionality.

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MPM Dock Gate

MPM dock gates are a flexible and durable solution to secure your loading dock. As a top plastic extrusion producer, MPM has develop and manufactured this innovative safety product using a patented material that offers significant advantages over other dock gate materials. Incorporating MPM dock gates to secure the loading docks in your facility helps to minimize the risk of injury or damage, allowing personnel and equipment to move freely during loading and unloading operations. The dock
gates act as a safety mechanism and barrier that flexes on impact to prevent damage.

Ontario Bollards is the sole distributor of MPM dock gates in Canada. This page will lay out the many benefits of this high-quality protection system and help you identify the ideal solution for your application.

What are MPM Dock Gates?

Installing dock gates near a loading bay door provides a higher level of safety and security for equipment operating near the loading area. They prevent workers and vehicles operating near unoccupied docks from slipping or falling off of a loading bay. MPM has more than 35 years in the protective systems business, including a broad selection of dock gates and guardrails, and have developed a reputation for producing innovative technologies with the highest level of craftsmanship.

MPM dock gates are made from patented techno-polymer materials to provide optimal properties for durability and damage reduction. MPM dock gates are shockproof, resilient, and pliable, featuring inherent flexibility that prevents damage to vehicles by gently stopping the vehicle with minimal stress to the operator. The dock gate keeps its shape even after absorbing countless shocks, due to MPM’s remarkable REFLEX technology.

MPM Dock Gate Benefits

MPM dock gates rely on MPM's high-quality materials and craftsmanship along with the company’s proprietary REFLEX technology, delivering unmatched performance. MPM dock gates provide the following advantages:

  • Durability. REFLEX technology absorbs energy and distributes it evenly to reduce damage. The dock gate maintains its shape after collisions.
  • Flexibility. REFLEX techno-polymer minimizes shock to the gate, vehicle, and operator, allowing the gate to flex without incurring damage.
  • Lightweight. MPM's unique materials result in a lightweight product, especially compared to other common guardrail materials like steel.
  • Low-maintenance. High-visibility extruded plastic does not scratch and requires no paint. It maintains optimal performance with little maintenance and will not corrode or rust like metal gates.
  • Safety. Enhanced reliability and performance impart maximum safety to operators and vehicles. The pliable material and durable design prevent shock that may harm vehicles and operators.

Various applications rely on MPM dock gates to ensure operator safety in their industrial facility or warehouse. They can provide an additional safety barrier for walkways, platforms, and near machinery. MPM dock gates are a reliable solution to dock safety. Ontario Bollards can help you determine the ideal loading dock gate solution for your facility.

MPM Dock Gates From Ontario Bollards

MPM dock gates improve the safety of your loading dock with higher durability and flexibility than any other dock gate product. The dock gate relies on MPM’s innovative REFLEX technology to protect vehicles and operators from injury and damage. They are also low maintenance and lightweight, offering convenience and low cost of ownership.

Ontario Bollards can help you determine the ideal safety solution for your facility and install the product of your choice. As the exclusive MPM distributor in Canada, we offer a variety of sizes and customization options. To see how MPM dock gates can benefit your facility, please contact us to speak with a representative or request a quote today.

MPM Dock Gates and Safety Guardrails from Ontario Bollards

Since 1985, MPM has offered innovative protective products to a broad spectrum of businesses across countless industries. The firm’s eagerness to implement and master emerging technologies as well as their dedication to quality craftsmanship has cemented them as one of the world’s leading plastic extrusion producers, and Ontario Bollards is proud to be Canada’s sole distributor of MPM’s revolutionary product line.

Though the firm’s catalogue includes a variety of protection systems, one MPM solution which Ontario Bollards is especially proud to offer is MPM’s dock gates. Acting as a safety guardrail to prevent falling, slipping, or tipping of moving vehicles near loading bays, MPM’s dock gates are an irreplaceable security and safety measure for any manufacturing facility, distribution center, or warehouse. The dock gates are made from MPM’s patented materials, resulting in maximum resiliency while still remaining pliable–allowing them to gently stop vehicles without damaging machinery or harming workers.

The Benefits of MPM Dock Gates

Highly durable, lightweight, and flexible, MPM’s safety guardrails are truly the superior solution. The patented construction of each dock gate ensures longevity and resiliency, allowing them to sustain countless impacts without hindering performance. The high-visibility finish of each safety guardrail assists in preventing collisions (no paint job necessary), but should a collision occur the shock-resistant quality of MPM’s REFLEX technology is sure to keep your people–and machinery–safe.

What is REFLEX?

Developed in MPM’s laboratory by a team of plastics experts with decades of experience, RELEX is a proprietary techno polymer which is able to absorb and redistribute energy unlike almost any other material. When applied to MPM’s dock gates, the result is quite spectacular: a lightweight and highly effective safety guardrail that requires minimal maintenance to ensure maximum performance.  Check out just how effective these safety guardrails are in our performance video:

When the time comes that a dock gate or section of guardrail is retired from service, they are also fully recyclable and ready to be re-installed elsewhere.

Ontario Bollards: The MPM Experts

While MPM dock gates are a far more lightweight and painless solution than steel safety guardrails, we still encourage that you allow the experts at Ontario Bollards to install your dock gates for you. MPM dock gates are also available in a variety of different sizes, and this customization option can present a unique challenge when determining which size safety guardrail is best for your site. As Canada’s only MPM providers, our team of professionals is committed to making your installation as seamless as possible and we are ready to help find the MPM dock gate solution that best suits the safety and security needs of your business. Of course, you are more than welcome to install the safety guardrails yourself, we do however suggest that you let the experts at Ontario Bollards take care of it–our team is glad to help.

Interested in seeing how MPM dock gates can improve the safety and efficiency of your workspace, or exploring Ontario Bollards’ exclusive range of MPM products? Contact us today for more information or submit a request for a quote via the online form. We look forward to working with you.

Steel Guard Rails vs. MPM Plastic Guard Rails

Guard rails are essential elements in any industrial and commercial facility. By protecting people, products, and plant equipment from accidental collision damage, they can save the facility significant amounts of money throughout the year. However, their effectiveness depends on their design. Different styles, sizes, and materials are appropriate for different environments and applications.

Below, we highlight two of the most popular guard rail solutions: steel guard rails and MPM plastic guard rails. We outline what they are, what properties they have, and what applications they are used in.

Overview of Steel Guard Rails

Steel guard rails have been used as a safety barrier solution in various industrial and commercial applications for years. Some of the key benefits of using them over other guard rail solutions include:

  • High strength. Steel is strong, hard, and tough. As a result, parts and products made out of them, such as guard rails, can readily withstand impact and other stresses. These qualities are important for components like guard rails that are designed to prevent incoming forces from damaging something (e.g., a person, product, or equipment) on the other side.
  • Consistent construction. Over the years, guard rail manufacturers have developed production methods that virtually eliminate inconsistencies from one steel guard to the next. This ensures that guard rails always fit together as intended and form a uniform assembly.
  • Long service life. The strength and durability of the steel allow these components to withstand use in harsh conditions over an extended period.

The above characteristics make steel guard rails appropriate for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities and locations. Typical areas where they are installed include:

  • Electrical panels
  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • In-plant offices
  • Inventory areas
  • Loading docks
  • Pedestrian aisles
  • Work platforms

Overview of MPM Plastic Guard Rails

A popular alternative to traditional steel guard rails is plastic guard rails. A premier provider of these safety barrier products is MPM—an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-quality guard rails made from polymer materials.

MPM plastic guard rails are engineered to protect facility walls from accidental collision by light-duty and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts. Some of the key benefits of using them over other guard rail solutions include:

  • High flexibility. The flexibility of the MPM guard rails enables them to absorb impact forces and bounce back to their original shape. This ensures they and the impacting object remain undamaged.
  • Durable construction. MPM guard rails are resistant to abrasion, acids, alcohols, detergents, gasoline, and oil. They are also self-extinguishing. These qualities help them maintain their integrity in harsh conditions.
  • Hygienic design. Since the plastic material is resistant to detergents, these components can be easily cleaned and sterilized without fear of damage or degradation. This makes it easier for facility workers to maintain sanitary conditions.
  • Low maintenance requirements. As MPM guard rails are flexible and durable, they require less maintenance, repair, and replacement than other types of guard rails.
  • Good cost-effectiveness. The low maintenance/replacement cost of MPM guard rails, combined with their effectiveness at preventing injury and damage, helps lower the facility’s overall operational costs. Facilities are less likely to need to repair damage, pay for worker compensation, or replace broken goods.

The above characteristics make MPM plastic guard rails suitable for installation in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities and locations. Typical uses include:

  • Airports
  • Car parks
  • Food & beverage processing plants
  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Medical facilities
  • Mines
  • Retail stores
  • Transportation & logistics centers
  • Walls

Guard Rail Solutions From Ontario Bollards

Need guard rails for your industrial or commercial facility? Turn to the experts at Ontario Bollards! We offer both steel and polymer barrier systems, including steel and MPM plastic guard rails. To learn more about our products and how they can benefit your facility, contact us today. For assistance choosing an appropriate safety barrier product, request a quote.

MPM Polymer Guardrails and Safety Gates

MPM? It’s the name of a dynamic, enterprising Italian company that designs and manufactures a remarkable range of flexible industrial safety barriers that make work environments safe wherever there are vehicles, goods, people—and the occasional rhinoceros. Ontario Bollards is proud to have obtained the exclusive distribution rights in Canada to patented MPM products!

MPM plastic guardrail functions

The product we are focused on today, MPM polymer guardrail, is designed to primarily protect walls against light- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts. It performs this function brilliantly and, being a product of Italy, does so with undeniable flair that enhances any warehouse or factory.

MPM guardrail has numerous qualities that make it such an exceptional product. But before we get into that, check out this video of forklifts in hand-to-hand combat with MPM polymer guardrail and steel guardrail.

You will likely agree that the most striking feature of the MPM industrial safety barrier that was impact tested in the video is its resistance to the forces exerted by the forklift and its flexibility in absorbing these forces and bouncing back to its original shape—as if nothing had happened. (Forklift drivers particularly like this feature!) The steel guardrail demonstrated neither of these qualities, which is why the forklift bent it out of shape and pummeled it to the floor, damaging the floor in the process. Having MPM polymer safety barriers in your warehouse or factory can protect your valuable infrastructure from damaging blows that can cost thousands to repair.

The wonders of REFLEX

What makes the MPM industrial safety barriers so resistant and flexible is the technopolymer of which it is made—REFLEX.

REFLEX is made from a unique compound developed in the MPM laboratory by a team of experts with thirty years of experience in the field of plastics. Thanks to its special molecular density, REFLEX distributes energy along the entire length of the protection that flexes and then returns to its original shape. The astonishing properties of the material allow it to absorb the energy of the impact, thus minimizing the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. Thanks to its technical specifications, REFLEX guarantees the protection of the floor, the materials and, above all, the safety of pedestrians and operators driving the vehicles.

Advantages of REFLEX over steel

MPM safety gates

Ontario Bollards also offers REFLEX safety gates—both lift and swing types—that flex upon impact and can be incorporated into MPM industrial safety barriers systems, proving full pedestrian protection for employees and visitors alike.

Installation of MPM guardrail and safety gates

Another great aspect of MPM guardrail and safety gates is that they are lightweight and modular, making installation quick and easy. Available in different lengths, they are readily customizable for your specific needs. (And did we mention that they look good—and continue to look good after years of service?) Ontario Bollards’ process is unique in that we can have our own team of professionals design and perform the installation turn key or you can elect to take care of the installation in house. Detailed preparation, execution, and control of every aspect of the project always results in the safest and most efficient protection in accordance with your specific needs. That is why we always recommend Ontario Bollards to perform the installation.


For more information about MPM safety barriers and safety gates and other superior MPM products, contact us today. To request a quote, submit via the online form. We look forward to hearing from you.