Maximizing Safety with CoreFlex Guarding: A Revolution in Protective Systems

In today’s fast-paced industrial and commercial environments, the safety of equipment and personnel is paramount. CoreFlex Guarding System, offered by Ontario Bollards, represents a significant advancement in protective systems, combining innovative design with exceptional functionality to enhance safety and reduce damage risks. This blog delves into the unique features of CoreFlex Guarding and how it revolutionizes safety standards.

What is CoreFlex?

CoreFlex is an energy-absorbing steel guarding system designed to protect equipment, personnel, and infrastructure. It significantly reduces damage to equipment, concrete floors, and foundations. This patented system uses an innovative impact absorption approach, where the kinetic energy of an impact is gradually absorbed by an elastomer in the base of the assembly. During a collision, the post can tilt approximately 15°, softening the impact and then returning upright, ready to perform again.

The CoreFlex Advantage

  • 1. Impact Resistance: One of the key strengths of CoreFlex is its ability to withstand impacts. Traditional metal protection systems often fail upon impact, whereas CoreFlex safely absorbs and dissipates energy. This reduces the risk of injury and damage significantly.
  • 2. Durability and Maintenance: CoreFlex is not only durable but also requires less maintenance compared to conventional steel bollards. Its modular design allows for easy replacement of any damaged components, further lowering maintenance costs.
  • 3. Design Flexibility: The modular nature of CoreFlex allows it to be configured in various layouts to suit specific needs. Whether it’s protecting equipment, personnel, or infrastructure, CoreFlex can be tailored to offer optimal protection.
  • 4. Combining Polymer Flexibility and Steel Strength: CoreFlex brings together the flexibility of polymer and the strength of steel, offering a protection system that is both robust and adaptable to impact. Watch demonstration here.

CoreFlex in Real-World Scenarios

Consider a scenario where a forklift collides with a static, immovable bollard. The likely outcome would be the forklift load toppling over, causing potential injury and damage. CoreFlex, with its energy absorption characteristics, helps soften the impact, thereby preventing such accidents. It’s an ideal solution for environments where machinery like forklifts are frequently used, significantly lowering the risk of workplace accidents.

Why Choose CoreFlex for Your Facility?

Choosing CoreFlex means investing in a protection system that reliably safeguards employees, equipment, and infrastructure. It’s an excellent solution for all types of facilities, especially those where the risk of collision and impact is high.

Modular Design for Custom Solutions

CoreFlex is completely modular and can be assembled in virtually any configuration, making it an adaptable solution for various industrial and commercial settings. The experts at Ontario Bollards assist in designing a CoreFlex system tailored to meet unique operational needs.

CoreFlex: A Sustainable Safety Investment

With its innovative absorption system, durable construction, and modular design, CoreFlex represents a sustainable investment in safety. It not only protects personnel and equipment but also helps avoid expensive repairs and maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.


The CoreFlex Guarding System is more than just a safety feature; it’s a testament to Ontario Bollards’ commitment to innovation, quality, and comprehensive protection solutions. By integrating the CoreFlex system, businesses can significantly enhance their safety standards, demonstrating a commitment to employee welfare and operational integrity. With CoreFlex, Ontario Bollards continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering solutions that are not just effective but also future-proof in their design and functionality.

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