Residential Bollards




The Ontario Bollards residential product line consists of 5 main options:







Manual Retractable OB4536RTSS – our most popular, most economic fully retractable option. This product is made of 316ss, comes with a tubular lock, and has anti-tampering screws on the top plate to prevent unwanted entry into the bollard. Click here to watch an installation guide and a demonstration of the product.





The ANNT AE4536RTSS  is an automatic bollard designed primarily for residential projects. With a simple installation process and a small footprint, it is the ideal solution for securing your vehicles and protecting your assets.

It is constructed using 304 stainless steel and developed for medium frequency use (100 cycles per day). The AE4536RTSS is a robust, corrosion resistant security measure designed to prevent vehicle theft. Easily operated by key fob or cell phone app and rated to -40C, this product is the most convenient residential solution.




Equipped with internal locking hardware, the OB4536RMSS product provides quick and easy access to restricted areas, while its elevated key-access design prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris in dusty, particle-filled environments. This product is physically removed and then stored in a garage or a vehicle when you would like to exit the premises. Ideal for scenarios where removal is required less than 1-2x per day.




The OB4536FXSS is a Fixed Stainless Steel Bollard designed for easy and secure embedding in concrete, offering robust installation options and available with a variety of alternative mountings. This product is often used to accompany a retractable bollard to aid in closing off vulnerable areas.




The OB4536BDSS features a 4.5″ O.D. high-quality 316 grade stainless steel construction with a #6 satin finish and a base diameter of 6.3″, ensuring high resistance to corrosion and weathering, making it ideal for any modern building or landscape. This product is generally installed into concrete, and has similar functionality to the OB4536FXSS listed above.




Ontario Bollards has it’s own brand of residential and high security bollards. This brand is known as ANNT Perimeter Protection. The 5 products on this page all fall under the ANNT brand. – ANNT driveway bollards collection, with full pricing breakdown and e-commerce store. – ANNT Perimeter Protection’s website for high security products