Advanced Polymer Protection

Our REFLEX range is made of a strong proprietary polymer that equals and in some cases exceeds the strength of steel. The main difference between our polymer based safety barriers and their metal counterparts is the way in which they absorb impact.

The shock of the impact is reduced because it is absorbed then dispersed throughout the barrier. This reduces damage to vehicles, loads, floors and minimises the potential of injuries to the driver.

REFLEX also saves you money, unlike their steel counterparts that need constant replacement and maintenance, REFLEX products can take an impact without damage and NEVER need to be painted.

REFLEX offers a complete range of safety barriers to protect virtually anything that requires protection.

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Our REFLEX range:

  • Rack Protection

    Rack Protection
  • Bollard

  • Guardrail

  • Double-Rail Barrier

    Double-Rail Barrier
  • Rack End Protection

    Rack End Protection
  • Pedestrian Guardrail

    Pedestrian Guardrail
  • Pedestrian Door

    Pedestrian Door